Nest Vile.Heading West like a rash of eurotrash.

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Mon Apr 26 12:30:14 PDT 1999

The director of the CDC and a Louisiana health official discuss the latest 
West Nile Virus cases.
An update on the West Nile Virus, which has caused five deaths in Louisiana 
this year. The director of the CDC and the secretary of the Louisiana 
Department of Health discuss the latest news on the virus. "...You can't 
totally eradicate it. We can mitigate it. We can try to minimize it, and 
we're doing everything we can to do that, but the CDC scientists tell us 
that there's no way that we could ever eradicate it totally. This is a 
permanent condition in Louisiana and probably in the United States as well"
Much like crypto anarchy and anarchist capitalism and the liberal press,I 

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