Artful dodger.

Matthew X profrv at
Sun Apr 25 09:15:29 PDT 1999

VICTORIA'S worst toll evader yesterday admitted taking an extra 14 free 
trips on CityLink.	
Christos Katsimalis, 69, walked from court in February this year after 
avoiding more than $22,000 in fines for 223 trips on the toll road without 
an e-tag.
He was convicted and handed a bill of almost $9000 for CityLink's court 
costs, but avoided further penalty after the magistrate heard his English 
was poor.
Yesterday Mr Katsimalis pleaded guilty to a further 14 counts, overlooked 
during the earlier cases. He was again convicted without further penalty 
and ordered to pay $560 in costs.END
City link relies on a Chaum style e-reader over the road.One with obvious 
brinworld possibilities.I told you I have an AP trial date set for sept 
11.Anniversary of hugely succesfull anti-wef demo in Melb.2000.

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