The Klez excuse

Matthew X profrv at
Sat Apr 24 15:56:39 PDT 1999

Working as a telephone tech support person for a non-tech sector company, 
Klez was particularly annoying as we would get angry telephone calls from 
our own corporate executives about how our server based antivirus program 
wasn't working, as they were getting angry emails from people at other 
companies telling them to stop sending them the Klez virus.

All because the damn thing sent false header information and someone 
outside both companies had been infected, people would continue to blame 
the wrong parties when their own antivirus program would point them at the 
wrong culprit, despite all the media stories explaining the damn thing in 
clear detail.

We had a number of execs refuse to believe us when we told them their 
machine was clean, as "obviously" we were wrong according to the people at 
the other company. Even had one high up try to install her own antivirus 
program because she didn't trust ours and ended up trashing her computer.

Did I tell you my new trial 'contest mention' is on sept 11.Anniversary of 
Chile coup.

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