White punks on dope.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Sat Apr 24 11:20:30 PDT 1999

Friendly fire deaths linked to US pilots 'on speed'
'American pilots in Afghanistan, blamed for a series of "friendly fire" 
incidents and devastating erroneous attacks on innocent civilians, were 
routinely provided with amphetamines to tackle fatigue and help them fly 
longer hours. Pilots were allowed to "self-regulate" their own doses and 
kept the drugs in their cockpits ... Pilots who refused to take the drugs 
could be banned from taking part in a mission' ( Independent )
See also this Performance Maintenance manual (1.05MB PDF) for US Navy 
flight surgeons from 2000, this Toronto Star article from Thursday, this 
Vancouver Sun article from June, and this blog entry from last month

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