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Dobbers nab the polluters
environment reporter

MORE Victorians than ever are being fined for polluting the 
And a record number of Victorians are dobbing in fellow citizens and 
industry who foul our air, water and land.
But despite citizens increasingly policing the environment, polluters 
continue to get away with their crimes.
A Herald Sun investigation has found a record 78,000 people have lodged 
complaints with the
Environmental Protection Authority in the past year, leading to $1.2 
million in penalties.
Littering is the biggest polluting crime with fines increasing five-fold 
since 1995, up to 8523 in 2001-02.
Most fines are handed out to smokers throwing butts out of cars.
Melbourne city had the biggest number of people dobbing in litter bugs with 
320 fines issued, followed by Richmond (196), Mulgrave (193) and St Kilda 
An increasing number of people - about 18,000 - complained to the EPA about 
smoky vehicles via phone calls or on the Internet, with $204,000 worth of 
penalties paid. But while Victorians are more vigilant about pollution, 
more than 1000 fines remain unpaid or contested.
The most common excuse used by litterers, particularly those fined for 
dropping cigarette butts, is that they don't smoke.
But the EPA said malicious reports could clog the system, particularly for 
smoky vehicles, with the complaints line used to avenge personal gripes.
EPA manager of operation systems Geoff Latimer said fines had increased 
because people were tired of pollution.
"The community has become more aware there are avenues to dob people in for 
activities they find fairly appalling," Mr Latimer said.
"People are more attuned to getting speeding fines and generally they stop 
speeding after that.
"But when they get a pollution fine it is more surprising.",5478,4838350%255E2862,00.html
I'm not just being contrarian posting this here,people throw lighted butts 
out in bushfire zones,ie most of au.Who needs terrorists?
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