The friends of nicky Scarfo.

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Subject: The friends of nicky Scarfo. 

Robert "Bobby" Simone draws upon a 35 year career as a practicing criminal 
defense attorney to write a unique, informative, and at times alarming 
expose and anecdotal description of the criminal justice system in The Last 
Mouthpiece. This book reads more like a film noir script than a history of 
the law as we encounter "Phil "The Chicken man" Testa, Nick the Blade, 
Hunchback Harry, and a series of other real-life mob characters and their 
cadres. Here is a candid revelation of the mobsters, rats, set-ups, wires, 
bugs, double-crosses, strategies, judges, juries, and lawmen who were the 
daily elements of Simone's law practice. If you enjoy the fictional "The 
Sopranos" television series, then you will be fascinated by Bobby Simone's 
factual and real-life expose, The Last Mouthpiece.
Also at Am
"But he was good to his mother."
Expanded, factual, and accurate information throughout on Jewish gangsters, 
including such legendary figures as Meyer Lansky (whom Rockaway 
interviewed), Bugsy Siegel, Lepke and Gurrah, Kid Cann, Dutch Schultz, 
Waxey Gordon, Longy Zwillman, Big Jack Zelig, Boo Boo Hoff (who introduced 
the tommy gun to Philadelphia's Prohibition underworld), Mickey Cohen, the 
Purple Gang and others.
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