Victorian Police Corruption.

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Subject: Victorian Police Corruption.
NUMBER 390, 6-12 MARCH 2000.
Raymond Hoser 1999, ISBN 09586769 25
It's refreshing to review a book that takes a peek at the soft underbelly 
of the Victorian Police Force. Ever wondered why few if any Victorian 
Police officers have seen the inside of a prison? Then you shouldn't go 
past Hoser's book. A book mind you, that wouldn't have seen the light of 
day if Hoser had buckled under the considerable pressure that was applied 
to prevent him publishing this book.
Murder, rape, drugs, theft are some of the sins catalogued in this little 
gem that reads like a novel. Unfortunately the list of sins that are 
catalogued in Victoria Police Corruption have happened to real people with 
real families. The Victorian Police Force, Australia's most effective 
killing machine has been able to get away with this outrageous behavior for 
so long because of political and media corruption.
This 720 page book names names, lists events and shines a torch into the 
black heart of the Victorian Police Force. Hoser's book goes one step 
further than the normal shock, horror corruptive expose. Hoser understands 
that Police Corruption could not occur without bent bureaucrats, 
politicians and a media that's not willing to rock the boat.
Victoria Police Corruption should be mandatory reading for every 
bureaucrat, every politician and every hack reporter in Victoria. If we 
lived in a society that respected the truth, Victoria Police Corruption 
would be on the H.S.C. reading list and Hoser's name would have appeared on 
the New Year's Eve honors list.
Neither of these things are likely to occur. Hoser and his books have been 
shunted to the margins of society because the same people in authority are 
using the same corrupt structure, to support the same corrupt status quo.
VICTORIA POLICE CORUPTION is available from the publishers KOTABI 
PUBLISHING, PO Box 599, DONCASTER, VIC 3108, AUSTRALIA Tel: 61 3 9857-4491, 
Fax: 61 3 9857-4664 E-mail: adder at
Online credit card orders:
 From page 262,"...later that year police trumped up another charge against 
him,This time it was "make threat to kill."Thats usually an easy one to 
convict because the police witness says,"He threatened to kill me."The 
defendant says,"No I didn't."The judge or magistrate invariably side with 
the police.Maximum penalty? 15 years."
No reason for them to lie,right? In my case I'm in luck due to police 
overkill,I can blame pressure from at least 3 other agencies to convict me 
of something...Anything!
The dickheads are truly desperate.
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