RICO and the Mann.

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Subject: RICO and the Mann.

10/27/00 - Members of Asian Crime Ring Indicted
14 members of an Asian crime ring allegedly headed by Hung The "Kevin" Dong 
were indicted in Los Angeles on federal charges including prostitution and 
racketeering. Authorities were able to show that the group operates as an 
"ongoing criminal organization," making Dong's syndicate the first Asian 
organized crime group to be prosecuted using statutes within RICO.
Dateline - October 28, 2000
LOS ANGELES - Pursuant to an FBI investigation dubbed "Operation Lucky 
Money," 14 alleged members of an Asian organized crime ring were indicted 
Friday on charges ranging from running a prostitution ring to credit card 
fraud. Authorities say the investigation and arrests gave a much clearer 
view of the activities of Asian crime rings, which are currently considered 
the most dangerous and efficient crime enterprises in the United States.
James V. DeSarno, Jr., head of the FBI's Southern California operations 
said Friday, "We see violence, we see prostitution, we see money 
laundering, not unlike what we saw in the early days of organized crime."
The indictments and arrests are the result of an ongoing joint 
investigation by FBI agents in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and the Las Vegas 
Metropolitan Police Department.
Hung The "Kevin" Dong (a.k.a. "Big Brother"), alleged boss of the group, 
was arrested Friday along with eight associates. Also arrested were Chooi 
Lu, Dong's girlfriend and alleged manager of the crime syndicate's 
prostitution ring, Tan Minh Ly (a.k.a. "Payday"), reputed to be the 
organization's top weapons trafficker, David Huang Wei, Johnny Chi Lee, 
Vincent Huang Wei, Boy Lai, Hector Barcenas and Binh Quoc Trinh.
The other five individuals named in the indictment are considered fugitives 
and are actively being sought. Included on the list individuals who eluded 
authorities Friday is Dong An, who is also wanted on murder charges related 
to the crime ring's activities.
The 38-count indictment charges members of the San Gabriel Valley-based 
crime syndicate with money laundering, credit card fraud, armed robbery, 
home invasions, prostitution, murder, armed robbery and drug trafficking. 
The gang members are also accused of importing women from Malaysia, Mexico 
and other locations into the United States and forcing them into prostitution.
Dong's syndicate allegedly ran dozens of brothels throughout Las Vegas and 
Southern California, with each brothel bringing in tens of thousands of 
dollars each month. Gang members would allegedly force the women to work in 
one brothel for a few months, then transport her to another and another, in 
what amounts to a violation of the Mann Act, "transporting women for 
illegal sexual activity," also known as "white slavery."
More importantly, authorities announced at a press conference on Friday 
that, through the use of wiretaps and undercover operatives, they were able 
to ascertain that the group operated with a highly structured management 
and may be considered, for prosecutorial purposes, an "ongoing criminal 
organization." The consequence of such a discovery is that federal 
prosecutors were able to make the decision to prosecute Dong and his 
associates using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or 
RICO, which carries much heavier prison sentences on conviction than do 
most white-collar crime statutes.
DeSarno said, "That's the goal, to use racketeering statutes to dismantle 
this organization."
The nine individuals arrested Friday remain in custody and will make their 
first court appearance on Monday. They are scheduled to be arraigned on 
November 6 at the United States District Court in Los Angeles.Thats around 
the time I get my next 'mention'.I really hope this is it,cos I miss my 
jimmy Dell.
Latest mention...sept 11.
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