Hacking Shengen

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Thu Apr 22 21:04:40 PDT 1999

"...On friday 26th a team of researchers from strasbourg nsv 
research(noborder sillicon valley) came to Strasbourg Neuhof, where the 
Schengen Information System (SiS) is located. It was the aim of a working 
group to develope a system to make the data stored in the Schengen 
Information System accessable for everybody. Accompanied by a french 
television team and several journalist, the team dig a hole next to the 
street which is going to the SIS. The work of the group soon got the 
attention of the police, obviously not understanding what was going on and 
suprised by the massive gathering of press people.
Based on information of a resaerchers group who visited the SIS location 
some days before, a cable was taken out of the ground and connected to a 
notebook. After booting the system and logging in on the SIS system, the 
user rights of the schengen data were changed (chmod 777*) so from now on 
everybody is able to access his/her own data stored in the schengen system, 
of course also change or delete data as needed. After that then the 
noborder plugin was installed (apt-get install noborder) to enable access 
from everywhere whitout limitation.
The communication protokoll was changed to TCP/IP for easy internet 
(webbased-)access. A easy to use webportal will be installed soon. Now the 
system was shutdown for a complete reboot and made ready for a 
free-communication compiling..." FROM

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