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Bush's "Credibility Fixation" on Iraq
You know Washington is sinking into quicksand whenever you start hearing 
that the U.S. should go through with its militaristic plans because if it 
doesn't, we would lose credibility.
I hadn't heard that hoary rationalization since the darkest days of 
Vietnam, but there it was again, in the mouth of James Schlesinger, the 
former CIA Director, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of Energy and all 
around grand-poohbah of the Washington establishment.
Here's what he told The New York Times: "Given all we have said as a 
leading world power about the necessity of regime change in Iraq . . . our 
credibility would be badly damaged if that regime change did not take place."
Of all the reasons to go to war against Iraq, that's the worst possible 
one. That's like saying, "OK, it may be a stupid idea, but since we've said 
it so many times, we've got to do it."
Before Rumsfeld and Bush go off half-cocked, let's assess the short-term 
rationality of this planned invasion.
First of all, it would be against international law, since Iraq has not 
attacked the United States and is not imminently preparing to do so.
Second, it would be against the U.S. Constitution for Bush to do this 
without a declaration of war from Congress.
Third, it would mess up our relations with our allies, and further enrage 
the Muslim world, which is the last thing the United States needs right now.
Fourth, it could wreak havoc with our economy, which is already wobbly enough.
And fifth and foremost, it could kill tens of thousands of people, many of 
them innocent civilians
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