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Local Man Publishes Results of Anthrax Investigation
a Chronicle staff report
Longtime activist Richard Ochs, a Lauraville resident, has issued a 10-page 
report called "Government by Anthrax." The paper is a compilation of 
circumstantial evidence that Ochs believes justifies "an independent and 
open congressional investigation" of the origins of the anthrax letters 
that were mailed to some U.S. Senators in October 2001.
The timing and targeting of the letters, according to Ochs, suggests that 
the perpetrators' motivation was to promote legislation, namely the passage 
of the USA Patriot Act. "Anthrax-laden letters were mailed to the 
Democratic Senate leadership on the same day that they blocked an attempt 
to rush the bill through without debate or amendments," says Ochs. "These 
threats frightened Congress in general and intimidated certain opponents of 
the Patriot Bill in particular." No Republicans received any anthrax laden 
"The closing of the House and Senate office buildings made it difficult for 
members to read the bill," Ochs charges. "After the letters were received, 
the democratic leadership gave up their insistence on a two-year sunset 
clause [for the legislation]."
Ochs notes that the day after the Patriot Act was signed, the Supreme Court 
was closed by a false anthrax scare. "Anthrax letters to the news media 
created widespread fear and a lockstep mentality in support of the 
Administration's policies,"
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