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The New Rulers of the World
John Pilger
$19/£10 Verso
ASSUMING US propaganda is accurate, President George W. Bush is intending 
to bomb Iraq as part of his war on terrorism. If you want to know just how 
big a mistake that would be, read John Pilger's latest tour de force.
Iraq's 22 million people are already the victims of a 12-year "medieval 
blockade" imposed by the US and British governments, argues the campaigning 
journalist. The UN Children's Fund says that these sanctions are the main 
reason why up to 6000 Iraqi children die every month.
And the justification put about by US intelligence for an attack on Iraq is 
a myth: there is no evidence that it has any weapons of mass destruction. 
According to Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, the 
threat the country poses is "zero".
Pilger also condemns the US bombing of Afghanistan, which one study said 
killed 3800 civilians between 7 October and 10 December last year. The 
overthrow of the Taliban regime has brought only minimal change, he says. 
The amount of time that corpses are hung out in public, for example, has 
reduced from four days to 15 minutes.
As well as essays on Iraq and Afghanistan, The New Rulers of the World 
includes writing based on Pilger's TV documentaries about corporate power 
carving up Indonesia and the apartheid suffered by Aborigines in Australia. 
They are all empirical, angry and well-referenced; they illustrate his 
essential argument that the imperial power wielded by rich states and 
multinational corporations, led by the US, is far more destructive than any 
terrorist organisation.
The terrible irony is that the US bombing of Afghanistan, and the proposed 
bombing of Iraq, create and reinforce the very conditions which breed 
extremism. In the aftermath of 11 September, Pilger points out, the point 
was powerfully made by Robin Theurkauf, a lecturer in international law at 
Yale University.
"Terrorist impulses ferment in poverty, oppression and ignorance," she 
wrote. "The elimination of these conditions and the active promotion of a 
universal respect for human rights must become a priority." Her husband, 
Tom, had been killed in the attack on the Twin Towers.
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