"Lets HACK!"

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Tue Apr 20 07:30:25 PDT 1999

The social hack."...comparisons to the days of civil rights activism, Rosa 
Parks and the Black Panthers: people fighting for rights they should 
inalienably have."
"...Civil disobediance is social engineering; it is a hack. Rosa Parks put 
a clog in the works by doing something no one expected, and modeling a 
simple, easy to emulate means of protest that soon led to diner sit-ins and 
boycotts of all kinds. The Black Panthers in Los Angeles expertly 
manipulated the "rules of the system" to their benefit, policing the police 
and arming themselves under full protection of law; even Neo, the 
latter-day hacker icon from The Matrix, could learn a thing or two from the 
Panthers about making the system work for you."

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