RSA IS helping America's "Golden Shield!" Unfuckingbelievable!

Matthew X profrv at
Sun Apr 18 05:51:04 PDT 1999

"...Victor Chang, vice president of the developer solutions/encryption 
division at RSA Security. "Array Networks' integrated platform architecture 
and advanced technology roadmap provide an exceptional opportunity for RSA 
Security technology to provide key security capabilities in next-generation 
networking products."
About Array Networks
Headquartered in Campbell, California with sales offices in China,
China's largest CDN provider ChinaCache chooses Array Networks over F5 
Networks and CacheFlow
More than 50 Array 1000 Web Traffic Managers to help ChinaCache serve 95 
Percent of China's growing population of Internet users. Single Array 1000 
handles more than 320 Million requests within five days during the Soccer 
World Cup.
Golden shield over America?
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