Anne Coulter sodomized 40 times in one night!

Matthew X profrv at
Thu Apr 15 07:14:49 PDT 1999

Or was it catherine M?
This is a hastily scrawled inventory of one woman's lovers -- and they are 
a cast of thousands. She takes on groups of men with every orifice.
Catherine Millet has provided us with a quite remarkable insight into a 
certain kind of female sexuality. With remarkable frankness, she leads the 
reader through an extraordinary range of experiences with a good deal of 
self-reflection, very little moralizing and a total lack of political 
correctness (hooray!). While there is an obvious inclination to focus on 
the extremes of her sexual behavior that go well beyond the normal range of 
experiences of most of us, in fact the majority of the book explores the 
nitty gritty of the kinds of activity that are much more mainstream. And 
perhaps we can be grateful that someone else has done the dirty work of 
accumulating the range of experiences necessary to make the insights 
This is not a work of erotica, in my opinion. And if an open discussion of 
sexual activity between consenting adults makes you uneasy or worse, or 
offends your morals, don't read this book. But, if you think you might 
enjoy an unprecedented, direct and thoughtful consideration of the 
sexuality of a very interesting woman, this book comes highly recommended
The Sexual Life of Catherine M.

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