802.11 years or life, without parole."I Rob Banks."

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Also Shoeshine boy...
I rob banks...
back to The Entertainment Cartel's Lawmaking Marionettes
Mercury News: Bill would let entertainment industry hack file-sharing 
networks. A sweeping new anti-piracy bill would give movie studios and 
record labels legal impunity to hack into file-sharing networks to halt the 
trade of copyrighted works. Introduced in Congress on Thursday, the bill 
prompted cries of vigilantism from technology advocates.
It's tempting to write off these kinds of legislative stunts as the idiocy 
they are. The technical impossibility of getting such a law right is only 
part of the issue, however, as is the sheer lack of morality in the process.
The bigger problem is the tendency of our lawmakers to bow to their 
corporate masters. Berman's campaign-finance debt to Hollywood and the rest 
of the entertainment cartel is understood, and certainly explains his 
willingness to screw customers.
What's more worrisome is the rest of Congress -- the utter ignorance on the 
part of most members of the issues. We now live in a society that takes for 
granted Hollywood's outrageous lies about "intellectual property" and its 
protection, a society that simply does not understand the value -- the 
necessity -- of an open, robust public domain and fair use.
Berman's stance is contemptible. Who's going to stop him?
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