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ChinaJiang Zemin.
He makes no bones about wanting to become China's third "Red Emperor". To 
strengthen his grip on the state, the president launched a campaign to 
control the media and the Internet. A dozen journalists have been dismissed 
since early 2001 for tackling controversial subjects such as corruption. To 
make sure the message got through, in July 2001 the government reminded the 
country of the "Seven Prohibitions," especially one about "disrupting the 
work of the Party". As soon as China was awarded the Olympic Games, the 
president asked his security services to ensure a "healthy Internet". In 
less than two months, police arrested a dozen cyber-dissidents and closed 
more than 8,000 cyber-caf├ęs. Described in his official biography as "modest 
and courteous," Jiang Zemin has never intervened in favour of journalist Wu 
Shishen, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992. In fact the 
president personally urged a stiff sentence for him.
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