The most trusted name in e-security,HAHahahahhaHAH!

Matthew X profrv at
Mon Apr 12 10:37:27 PDT 1999

"...Joe Uniejewski, senior vice president, Web Access Management division 
at RSA Security. "Central, secure manageability is the key to success. We 
are committed to delivering native, best-of-breed support that allows our 
customers to capitalize on their IT investments..."SEE
RSA still have cutting edge technology though,right?
Q)How did their recent SEC audit go?
Not sure yet but the SEC is a bushit pussycat and their accountant wasn't 
Arthur Anderson.(pheuw!)
Q)When does their patent run out?
2004,I think,but they get to keep the 'name'.By then it should be like a 
company that traded with the old South Africa.
Q)So what are they lying about "The most trusted name in e-security"?
"Its not a lie if you believe in it.",wait,sorry...that was 
George Castanza.
Dead tree Nature might be worth a look this 18-july edition.
"Quantum cryptography: Can you keep a secret?" In its issue of July 18, 
Nature reports on the first steps towards commercializing Quantum Key 
Distribution systems.

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