Jim Bell quoting anarchists legal aid approved.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Sat Apr 10 07:11:57 PDT 1999

Legal aid is so hamstrung that lawyers with the service took rare 
industrial action the other day in Melbourne au.That didn't stop my 
application for full service being approved.I've been an incapacitated 
invalid pensioner for 20 years apart from a brief career as a motorcycle 
courier.After a three agency,two nations police raid that led to laptop 
confiscation over a year ago,I was finally charged with 2 counts of threats 
to kill police and 2 of using a device to menace.Both relating to posts 
made at www.indymedia.org  melbourne Au law is based on english and differs 
in some respects from the US.(Interestingly the UK has recently rolled back 
its common law protections to pre magna carta levels.)There will be a 
'mention' shortly that I wont have to attend, then the trial date will be 
set.I haven't met my counsel yet and look forward to that soon.
The prosecutions discovery consists of breathtaking and bloodcurdling 
allegations backed up with a copy of one 2 hour old e-mail copy(!) of a BBS 
post and a screen dump of another post that appears undated.Also record of 
an interview where no admissions where made.Possibly enough to hang,draw 
and quarter me,or at least put me away for 10 years.The alleged offences 
occurred prior to 9-11.It should be an entertaining trial that should 
answer some curiosity about the security of direct posting to BBS's like 
Indymedia.Also the micky mouse victorian police will get ripped to shreds 
on cross if I have any say in our trial strategy.I'm reading up on great 
law books by authors like Gerry ?,the ruby ridge,guy.Geoffry Robertson,john 
Mortimer and sandy sandfart.Not to mention Anton C...
The only difference between doctors and lawyers is that lawyers merely rob 
you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you, too. (Anton Chekhov)
Give my regards to Lompoc.
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