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Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Thu Apr 8 06:12:14 PDT 1999

> From seths list
>         A little while ago, I noted how Websense, a censorware
>company, is distributing daily lists of sex sites supposedly not
>blacklisted by other censorware companies. See:
>         MSNBC picked up the story, and there's an excellent article
>about it at:
>"Filter firm's Web site bares all"
>"Websense links to X-rated sites that it says rivals didn't block"
>         Websense remains unrepentant:
>  "Meyer said that company executives were not concerned that kids
>   would use the tool to access objectionable content that that might
>   otherwise be blocked by their parents, teachers or librarians because
>   the company's site caters to corporations and government entities
>   rather than the public."
>         I'm quoted in the article:
>  "Seth Finkelstein, a civil libertarian computer programmer adamantly
>   opposed to such "censorware," said the double standard apparently
>   arises out of fear that an internecine feud would highlight the
>   shortcomings of filtering technology."
>  "If somebody else had done this, they would ban it immediately," said
>   Finkelstein, who won the Electronic Freedom Foundation's 2001 Pioneer
>   Award for his work in monitoring the filtering field.  "They do ban
>   directories of such sites, but they're not doing it for this one."
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