Passport Guatemala/Nicaragua now even faster/2-3 weeks!

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Sun Nov 29 14:24:28 PST 1998

Hello fellow Privacy Seeker,

Sorry, it took a little longer to respond, as I just came back from my trip to Central America. I made the first deliveries, and both programs run very well. As we are getting into the christmas season things are getting somewhat busy. Please read below all additional expalanations and act accordingly. 

Some general guidelines, organized like a FAQ:

1. What is included?
Gua: passport with entry-exit stamp of another Central American country, driver's license and cedula
Nica: passport with exit stamp, driver's license and cedula

2. What is extra?
Gua: name change 3000, naturalization papers 1500
Nica: name change 2000, naturalization papers 1000

3. Special features:
Holders are entitled to naturalization in Spain after only two years' residency. This is valid for both countries.

4. Discounts available?

As this is already a real bargain and is addressed to agents only, I will grant a 15% on orders of 2 or more GIVEN AT THE SAME TIME.

5. What is needed?

 Possible by mail:		YES
 Validity of pp:              VALID FOR LIFE
 Prolongation:                EVERY 5 YEARS (AT ANY Guatemala EMBASSY OR CONSULATE)
 Docs legalized,notarized & registered: YES - IN ALL THE RIGHT COMPUTERS, REGISTRATION, LEGAL STAMPS, ETC.
 Dual nationality permitted:  YES
 Residency possible:          YES
 New identity/name change possible:YES (additional USD 5,000)
 Birth Certificate included:  NO, AS THIS IS BY NATURALIZATION
 Double taxation agreements:  DEPENDS AGAIN ON GOVT.-TO-GOVT. AGREEMENTS
 List of visa requirements:   SEE BELOW
 Fee:                         US$ 10,000
 Time frame:                  appr. 2-3 weeks after receipt of application & funds

            Fee for spouse: SAME AS FOR HUSBAND 
 Fee for children under 18: DEPENDS 
  Fee for children over 18: SAME AS FOR ADULT 
        Photo requirements: 6 PHOTOS IN COLOR, showing the ears, no earrings or glasses
				    4 Photos in color for Cedula and Driver's License	

If you opt for name change, I do not need a copy of your current passport!


same as above, except the following changes:

travel opportunities: 		more limited, still working on a comprehensive visa list, difficult to get! Best advise is to check with your local airline, and ask them how visa requirements are for Nicaraguaians to travel to your favorite countries

Fee: USD 7,500

Photo requirements: same

If you opt for name change, I do not need a copy of your current passport!

6. Terms:

Payment shall be 50 % deposit and the balance on delivery in 2-3 weeks. This includes delivery by courier worldwide, if personal delivery is requested, the client must bear with the additional costs. If interested, please inquire for the wire instructions, payments by wire transfer only.

7. Misc:

THESE ARE NOT CHEAP FAKES!! This deal is possible based on long lasting personal relationships and donations to political groups. There is no intermediary in between, I do it myself!!

8. How to order:

Please respond to privacy at, I will give you:
- the application form
- the wire instruction
- the address where to mail the photos

Please bear in mind that this offer expires on Dec 31, 98. After that date prices will go up, some 60%!!

Don't loose any more time now and reply asking me for the application form.


Dr. Georg Adem


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