How to solve the tax problem w/o anarchy or force (fwd)

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> I used to be an anarcho-capitalist, but concluded I was far too selfish. In fact, if
> you'd read the first line about the libertarian compromize, rather than looking for
> hooks, you'd see that I was attempting rapprochement.  Mostly I'm not at all
> interested in being drawn into political wastings of energy, life is too short.  I
> made my choice 25 years ago, and have been (largely) free and untaxed for that time.
> Harry Browne's "How I found freedom in an unfree world" came along at about the same
> time I cut loose from the nation-state.

You're speaking of federal taxes, or you don't own property in your own
name. I suppose you wouldn't call the fire dept. if your house caught on
fire since you don't pay taxes. You wouldn't call the police if there was a
problem either.

> Why the pejorative use of "anarcho-whatever" and the whole personal level at which you
> pitch your responses?  Is it your intent to stir up anger by using imflammatory
> rhetoric?

No, my intent in wording is to get at the core of what is being proposed. A
characteristic of anarcho-whatever and lawyers is they never say what they
mean. If they did very few would give them the attention they get now.

>  Or (more likely) is this an example of newspeak? Whatever, it comes across
> as mean-spirited and sad. An indicator perhaps, of someone who loves to "go for the
> jugular".  A common "small man" trait. Are you a small man Jim? Do you need the power
> of the state to make you feel big by proxy?


            Lawyers ask the wrong questions when they don't want
            the right answers.

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