Announcing Extensis Preflight Pro 2.1

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Fri Nov 6 02:05:28 PST 1998

The Award-Winning, Preflighting Tool from Extensis Just Got

* New! Now inspect your Acrobat(r) PDF Files!
* Inspect, correct and collect print jobs for perfect prepress delivery.
* Advanced features include customizable inspection profiles, PDF
creation, and AppleScript Automation.
* FREE!  5 free copies of Collect Pro with each copy of Preflight Pro!

Extensis Preflight Pro 2.1 answers all of your Preflight questions. 
Designed to save prepress professionals time and money, Preflight Pro
inspects your documents and corrects problems to ensure they are
error-free prior to printing.  

With an interface that mimics the traditional prepress workflow,
Preflight Pro provides you with a familiar environment to review files
prior to printing. Further, Preflight Pro now supports documents in all
the major graphics applications including Adobe PageMaker, Illustrator,
Photoshop, Acrobat, QuarkXPress, Macromedia FreeHand EPS, and Multi-Ad

What's New in Preflight Pro 2.1?  Now you can inspect Acrobat PDF files,
along with files from all the other major graphics applications.
Preflight Pro 2.1 now examines PDF files using more than 40 different
profile items, including document security settings, font subsetting and
embedding, downsampling rates and compression types.

Better yet, Preflight Pro also includes 5 free copies of Collect Pro
2.1. Give Collect Pro to any creative professional you work with to help
them correctly collect a job for hand-off to the prepress house. 
Collect Pro eliminates the problems of missing files (e.g.: fonts and
linked graphics) that can delay a job. 

Extensis Preflight Pro 2.1 will dramatically streamline your preflight
workflow, saving you time, headaches and money. 

For more information, to order, or to download a FREE, 30-day demo of
Extensis Preflight Pro, please visit:
Or call your Extensis Preflight Specialist at (800) 796-9798 x.168  or
(503) 274-2020 x.168 or email to: preflight at . 

Already own Preflight Pro 2.0? 
NO PROBLEM!  Visit and
download Preflight Pro 2.1 for free (your Preflight Pro 2.0 serial
number is required)

Are you a FlightCheck(r) User?
NO PROBLEM!  Upgrade to Extensis Preflight Pro 2.1 for only $99.95
(SAVE $300!)

Preflight Pro 2.1 and Collect Pro 2.1 are compatible with QuarkXPress
3.31 or later, including QuarkXPress 4.0, Adobe PageMaker 6.5 and later,
Adobe Illustrator 5.5 and later, Adobe Photoshop 3.0.4 and later,
Macromedia FreeHand 5.5 and later, and Multi-Ad Creator2 version 1.0.

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