Computers as instruments of liberation

Tim May tcmay at
Mon Nov 2 07:15:39 PST 1998

"Wired News" carried an article reporting on a plan to  (somehow) spread
computers around the world, blah blah, and quoting John Gage at Sun on how
this would promote peace.

A couple of paragraphs have Cypherpunks resonances"

--begin excerpt--

Conference tackles ``techno-inequality''

By Judy DeMocker

SAN FRANCISCO (Wired) - When US farmers can call their cows home
individually using animal pagers, but the average teenager in Burkina Faso
has never made a
Wiring developing nations could have some far-reaching consequences. One
might be that computer-based communications would be used to keep the
peace, according Net
Day co-founder John Gage, who works by day as Sun Microsystems' chief
scientist. When content from The New York Times can be translated into 30
Arab dialects, for
example, or when a remote Rawandan village has access to more perspectives
than the local magistrate, the Internet may become an instrument in
preventing violence.

``The Web gives people access to other voices, and instant access to
speaking about how the world really is,'' said Gage. ''If people can get
that, maybe that band of villagers
will think twice before going down the road and killing its neighbors.''

--end excerpt--

Fatuous nonsense. After all, those folks down the road may be taxing them,
and may need killing. Or those folks may use computer networks to connect
to others for the purposes of liberation.

I see computer networks as promoting secessionism, freedom fighting, and
resistance in general.

The New World Order, the One Worlders, see this as "terrorism."

Which is why strong encryption is needed. Which is why "they" oppose strong

John Gage has a typically Fabian socialist view that somehow
computerization will lead to an orderly, peaceful world.

Me, I view networks as  the key to retribution and justice.

--Tim May

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