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Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Wed Mar 25 16:58:21 PST 1998

: ----- Begin Obvious Forgery -----
: Clinton refused to comment on the recent brouhaha over a student in
: San Francisco being expelled for life for wearing a T-shirt with
: an elephant on it during a Political Correctness Event sponsored by
: the Democratic Party.

Truthmonger occassionally takes time out from being a loudmouthed pain
in the butt to illustrate a valid point. Free speech is free speech
whether it involves a Pepsi logo or a political logo.

A person could make an equally ridiculous and equally valid point by
suggesting the expulsion of black students for not showing up to
school in whiteface during events sponsored by the Aryan Nations.

Unfortunately the school officials involved feel justified in excusing
their repression of civil rights and liberties by downplaying the
specifics of the compromise of freedom they demanded of their students
in return for corporate funding.
Like gun-control and GAK proponents they are asking for only a "small
compromise" as an ante into a game which will eventually result in
the players with the largest pockets naming the game.

Even the most outrageous of silly conspiracy theory posts to the list
failed to predict the advent of mandatory-voluntary Coke T-shirts in
the school system. Is the cuality of qraziness on the list slipping?

: TToommoorrooww: Gates Pie-Boy Gives Clinton a Wedgie...

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