While you were bending over for the soap... / Re: Kill 'em all...*I'll* sort 'em out...

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Tue Mar 24 17:54:32 PST 1998

TM forged:
> within the slightly more infinite boundaries of

ATTN: Circle of Eunuchs Initiates !!!

An in-depth investigation by the NSA has confirmed, beyond a shadow of
a doubt, that the dark-conspiracy manifestos that make up 'The True
Story of the InterNet' series, as well as all peripheral communications
from various CoE members, has been nothing more than a clever ruse to
subversively slip the concept quoted above into the minds of the
unsuspecting schills of the Author.

Please be advised that individuals who allow themselves to be influenced
by the subversive concept expressed above run the risk of mistakenly
acting under the assumption that 'infinity' can be defined by the
individual, and thus they are capable of escaping the limitations which
the programmed reality of those in authority over them exercises in
order to protect them from the madness which can result from attempting
to cross the boundaries of thought and action which have long since
been proven statistically safe to transverse, according to recent CNN
polls designed to ensure that we all remain safely within the pens
within which airport security personnel and tax officials are acting
in our best interests.

Those who disagree with the stance taken by the author of this post
will be audited by the IRS as potential troublemakers.

Thank You,
the author of this post

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