Complaints about spam are TRUE theft of services

Ross Wright rwright at
Fri Mar 20 15:43:20 PST 1998

On or About 19 Mar 98 at 15:31, Ian Briggs wrote:

> >Spam is not crime, it's commerce.  Shut up and hit that delete key,
> > you fucktard.
> Its not commerce, its collect calls and fuck you.  Fax bombing is
> illegal.
> Unsolicitated e-mail of this nature will eventually also be.

Is that *really* what you want?

>> Not because its "dangerous" to the internet, there are a lot more
> dangerous issues facing todays Internet, because organized ISP have
> enough power to tell cluless lawmakers it is.

Again, I ask: "Is that *REALLY* what you want?"  You want stupid 
congressmen and women to make new laws about spam???  Are you nuts?

*Really*, you want them sticking their small minds into the internet? 

You and all your "organized ISP" brothers should just shut up and hit 
the delete keys, you bunch of fucktards.


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