AnyWho puts a reverse phone book on the Net

Rabid Wombat wombat at
Sun Mar 1 11:33:29 PST 1998

I tried one of these when tracking down some dial-in system abuse being 
perpetrated by an ex-employee.

It occurred to me that with the right hardware, a simple perl script 
could launch a cruise-missle strike in response to a dial-in to a phone 
number ...  ;)

(for a good time, call 1-555-2nukeme)

food for thought for the paranoids and/or x-files fans.

On Wed, 25 Feb 1998, Ross Wright wrote:

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> ..AnyWho puts a reverse phone book on the Net
>   And personal privacy slips a bit more
>     If you live in the US and your phone number is listed, visit this
>     site [25] and type in your number. AT&T's AnyWho will return your
>     name and address. Is your street name linked? If so, click to see
>     names and numbers for all of your neighbors. Want a map to your
>     house? It's one click away. (Like most such maps, however, the
>     correspondence of street address with map location can be wildly
>     wrong.) The street proximity search will not show unlisted numbers,
>     800- or 888- numbers, or "distinctive ring" alternate numbers.
>     AnyWho is not the first reverse phone book on the Net -- 555-1212
>     has that distinction [26] -- but it is the most feature-rich. It
>     has a "sounds like" match for last name lookups. It lets you edit
>     or delete your entry, and requires confirmation by a telephone call
>     from the phone number in question. And it combines white and yellow
>     pages -- 90M and 10M listings respectively -- though their output
>     remains separate. When you ask for a street proximity listing for a
>     business listing, you see only other businesses.
>     [25]
>     [26]
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