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Sat Feb 28 12:58:09 PST 1998

   This really is a blast.  With all these movies coming out about virtual
reality, it's amazing to actually have a virtual reality program like this 
for your own computer.

   The Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend are artificial intelligence
programs for your IBM PC or compatible and also for MACINTOSH. You 
can watch them, talk to them, ask them questions, tell them secrets, and 
relate with them.  Watch them as you ask them to take off different clothes
and guide them through many different activities.  Watch and participate 
in the hottest sexual activities available on computer, including: several
sexual positions, using many unique toys, even bringing in multiple partners.
This is no doubt one of the most realistic, sexually stimulating computer
games available.  They will remember your name, birthday, your likes and 
your dislikes.  Every time you start the program, they say different things, 
and act differently.  Each time, they have a different personality. With the 
VGA digital graphics, the Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend software 
have some of the hottest, sexiest graphics out there.  You can actually 
hear their voice as they talk to you.  This is the first adult software title
that was designed for both heterosexual and homosexual people.  We
would like you to try the actual full copy out before it is put on the market
this spring. It will be sold for 1/7 of the actual price (only $7.95) until we
can get back some information on what people think of the program before
it hits the stores.  Please give it a try and write back any comments.
   Thank you.

     Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend are artificial intelligence 
programs, meaning they are completely interactive.  It would be just like 
if you were talking to someone.  You can actually have simple 
conversations.  Their attitudes change with the different things you say, 
so you can say things that will upset them, and then say things that will 
please them.  The more you play/talk with them, the more you learn what 
they can do, and what they like to do.  It's easy to install and instructions
are easy to follow.

         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Special Offer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
       *Get two more new and exciting adult games for an additional $13.45*
                          Here are two of the best adult games ever!!

     This is to inform you about the new adult game that VCS Magazine
rated "The best game of "97" and gave an "Outstanding ****" (4 stars).
"The Search for Paradise is no doubt one of the greatest XXX adult games 
available".  The first game where it is as much fun as it is a turn on!
Travel the world to every continent, every country you can think of, and meet
some of the most beautiful women in existence.  These women will treat 
you like a king and obey your every command.  Any sexual wish you can 
think of,  these women know it all.  There is a certain paradise for every
guy out there, and this game will have them all.  This game uses real 
models, digital video, and digital sound to make it as realistic as possible.
You will feel like you're in the same room as the girl you're talking to!!!

     The last adult game we are going to inform you about is the newly
released "Club Celebrity X".  Imagine being in a club with some very 
beautiful, well known, ACTUAL celebrities that with skill, will be making 
you breakfast in bed the next day.  These girls you have seen on television,
magazines, and billboard ads, and now they are on your computer, begging
for action.  Each girl you will recognize and you won't believe your eyes 
when you got them in your own bedroom.  This game is hot, and once you
start playing, you won't be able to stop.  
                                (((((((((LIMITED TIME ONLY))))))))
T00 H0T!!  for Virtual girlfriend.... These were too sexually graphic to
include in VG and VB.  These are some of most 
arousing & attractive models ever put in one collection.  You MUST be 18 or 
over to purchase & not easily offened.

*Required: 386 or better, 4 meg ram or better, Windows 3.1 or higher 
(Win95 is fine), sound card or CD-rom are optional.  Games are given 
either on CD-rom or compressed 3.5" diskettes.  Required is VGA graphics, 
and a hard drive.  Macintosh requires at least 4 meg of ram.  They will run 
on any IBM or MACINTOSH compatible.  If you are interested and would 
like to order a copy, then you can read the mailing instructions below.  
Games come in an unmarked package and are sent out at most 4 days 
after the order is received.  You are not put on any mailing lists
whatsoever, guaranteed.  ~At your request, the programs can come with
a password protection utility that only allows the program to run when the
correct password is entered.~

To order, 
      please send to:             
                                        C&M PROMOTIONS
                                         6185 Magnolia Ave.
                                             Suite# 360
                                       Riverside CA, 92506
                                    Phone # 1-888-341-1643 

        Please fill out the following form and mail it to the address above.  
              (Feel free to write out the order form by hand, if you wish).
   __________________________ (Cut here)_________________________

                   send to:             C&M Promotions
                                      6185 Magnolia Ave. #360
                                          Riverside CA, 92506

Your Name __________________________________ Date ___________

Address _____________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State ___ Zip Code ____________

Phones: Home  ___________________E-mail Address _______________

Do you use a?  IBM__  MACINTOSH __
Would you like? 3.5 Disks__ CD ROM__ 
(   ) Virtual
(   ) Virtual
(   ) Both Virtual Girlfriend and
(   ) The Search for Paradise & Club Celebrity X......................$13.45
(   ) Too HOT for VG &
(   ) Everything!!! The Search for Paradise, Club Celebrity X 
      and Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual


*money order or check*                        Amount enclosed?________

~Please indicate year of birth___________


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