Anthrax--The Horsemen are Riding

Tim May tcmay at
Thu Feb 19 10:06:56 PST 1998

CNN is reporting a news flash, with few details, about two men being
arrested in Las Vegas for making or possessing or planning to make anthrax.
Details should be emerging, but I have a hunch it's a witch hunt, an
invocation of the Four Horsement, to drum up support for Clinton's Dirty
Little War.

Now, just what are the chances of such an arrest *exactly* as the USG is
rattling sabers over Saddam's alleged anthrax and other CBW items?

It seems highly likely that the word went out to local FBI offices to "beat
the bushes" to produce some news headlines.

"Find us some jimbells we can show to the American public as proof that an
undeclared, unsupported war with Iraq is justified."

Expect more raids on "terrorist cells." Expect more coincidental findings
of chemicals and supplies which _could_ be used to make banned items.

Expect the usual suspects, like Fineswine, to call for limits on free
communications ("which are being used by terrorists") and cryptography.

Meanwhile, expect no Congressional vote for Clinton's War with Saddam. Why
won't Congress declare war, as is its responsibility (clearly stated in the
Constitution)? The last time around, in 1990-1, there was a six-month
buildup to the start of the war, there was apparently overwhelming public
hatred of Saddam, there was a clear goal ("liberate Kuwait"), and there was
clear support by other nations, other Arab states, the United Nations, etc.

And yet the vote in Congress was very close...the Congress came very close
to not issuing a statement of support. (Of course, this was still not a
declaration of war, as the Constitution calls for, but it's about as close
as we ever get in this post-WW II "Executive" government, where Congress
never declares war, not even in Korea, Viet Nam, the Gulf, etc.)

And this time around the public's interest in Saddam is ho-hum, the support
of other nations is lukewarm to nonexistent, the goals of a war are
completely unclear, and Congress appears unwilling to vote support.

And yet the war will probably happen. Clinton, the draft dodger and antiwar
activist (factual statement, not a judgement on his actions in the 60s),
_needs_ a Nice Little War.

But I predict it will backfire. He'll kill ten thousand Iraqi women,
children, and other innocents, he'll incinerate some underground bunkers
holding terrified residents of Baghdad, and he'll bomb some pesticide

But in a region as vast as Iraq is, does anybody think he'll destroy all of
those shock-resistant flasks and Thermos bottles carring whatever
biological goodies he's already made? When Clinton's minions stood and held
up bags of sugar and said "This much anthrax could kill everyone in
Washington," why, after the cheering stopped, didn't the obvious question
get asked: "And bombing Baghdad stops this bag of sugar from being used in
just _what_ way?"

If a couple of guys in Las Vegas can get busted for doing Illegal
Experiments, regardless of whether actual anthrax is ever found, then why
do we think Iraqi, Libyan, Sudanese, and other such nations have not long,
long had the means to disperse anthrax in nations which bomb them, kill
their children, and tell the U.N. to boycott them?

Like I always say, avoid "soft targets." Avoid the Schelling points for
attacks, the sites any self-respecting terrorist, freedom fighter, or
patriot would attack first.

When Washington, the president not the pesthole, advised us to "avoid
foreign wars," we should have heeded him. America has become Amerika,
Policeman to the World, ready to inject herself into foreign wars in
Bosnia, Haiti, Ruwanda, Somalia, Viet Nam, Korea, El Salvador, Kuwait, and
on and on.

"Pouring out the phials" may be rough justice for Amerika.

--Tim May

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