Barnes & Nobles indicted on child porno... [CNN]

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>>      February 18, 1998
>>      Web posted at: 10:28 p.m. EST (0328 GMT)
>>      MONTGOMERY, Alabama (AP) -- An Alabama grand jury indicted the
>>      nation's largest bookseller, Barnes & Noble, on child pornography
>>      charges involving the sale of books by noted photographers whose
>>      work includes pictures of nude children.
    that means every nudist camp magazine trying to show happy families,    
    every news picture from Cannes, and the National Geographic, etc. are
    about to have a problem with this dumbfuck.
>>      State Attorney General Bill Pryor said Wednesday he started the
>>      grand jury investigation after receiving complaints about two books
>>      being sold at Barnes & Noble stores in Alabama: "The Age of
>>      Innocence" by French photographer David Hamilton and "Radiant
>>      Identities" by San Francisco photographer Jock Sturges.
    is this asshole about to run for US President or just governor of
    Alabama? sounds like he has high political ambitions and wants the
    endorsements of Robertson, Buchannan & the now-religious-zealot
    Donna Rice.

    somebody raid his house; bet he's an S-M freak or some other kind
    of pervert!

>>      The indictment accuses the New York-based company of disseminating
>>      "obscene material containing visual reproduction of persons under 17
>>      years of age involved in obscene acts."

    to this man, God's natural clothing is an obscene act; he'd probably
    die of apoplexy if someone invited him to the communal saunas in     
    Scandinavia and he walked out of the men's dressing room...  Bavaria
    for that matter, but not the prudish Swiss.

    pedophilia should be treated as a capital crime, but that's as far
    as it goes. today, statutory rape in consensual sex is a joke for
    children over 12, or 8? I dont think they should have an awareness 
    of carnal knowledge at that age, but they certainly do. you can not
    legislate morality; you can punish predatory acts such as pedophilia,
    but the perpetrators sense of morality, etc. was lost long ago.

    welcome to censorship in its finest hour. perhaps Mississippi has
    progressed further out of the Victorian age than Alabama.

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