Spyking snips: Police MDT's + cia/russian spying

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>Subject: Re: Monitoring MDT's 
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>>Subject: Monitoring MDT's
>>hi all,....i am wondering if there is a way to monitor police MDT's
>>(mobile display terminals)
>>i have the frq. that they use but i dont know how to hook up a scanner to
>>p/c. any thoughts would be appreciated thank you
>Since no one else seemed to respond to this, I guess I will...first off
>M.D.T. stands for (Mobile Data Terminals), I got this posting off some
>group I can't really remeber where from, but it is informative, and was
>subject of a Feb, '97 "911Dispatcher Magazine" story. It should answer all
>of your questions, I also have a list of some places where you can buy the
>unit pre-made, or a kit to make your own. I have left the Source code out
>on purpose as it is rather lengthy, if you want it I can send it to you. 

[BIG SNIP of story]

After reading all the stuff on MDT's, a got an idea.

How about a central monitoring web site (out of the US).  This system
would run a small server program that could accept input, via the net,
from MDT monitors around the country.  Each MDT monitor would collect
data and send it in once every 5 minutes.

A person could goto a web site and see what is going on around the
country.  Hmmm.  Watching the watchers??


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