Forced DNA Collection

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Tue Dec 15 04:26:25 PST 1998

Eric Cordian <emc at> writes:
>Top Story on AP...
>NEW YORK (AP) -- Despite objections from civil libertarians, the city's
>police  commissioner proposed Monday to take a DNA sample along with the
>fingerprints  of everyone arrested.
>Commissioner Howard Safir said the test would solve crimes and help curb 
>repeat offenders. ``The innocents have nothing to fear ... only if you are 
>guilty should you worry about DNA testing,'' he said.
The Commissioner messed up the quote, it's actually:
  "I am returning to punish the guilty; the innocent have nothing to fear"
   - Lucius Cornelius Sulla, 90BC, just before he massacred the innocent en 

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