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>> This would open the door for the USPS to charge for each email sent. 
>> The same rules? No. Based on those rules, but not the same rules.
>> The same rules would slow email down considerably also, wouldn't they???<g>
>> Reeza!

Funny you should mention the USPS and email.  I was browsing through 
the latest issue of PC WEEK (12-07-98), and noticed the following 
paragraph in Spencer Katt's column "Rumor Central" on page 178 - 

     "A self-proclaimed 'project mis-manager' was chatting with a 
buddy who's done some development work for the U.S. Postal Service.
His pal was talking about a new project in which the USPS will 
accept electronic documents, merge them with a mailing list, print
them at the post office branch closest to the destination of each
document's recipient and deliver them for less than the price of a 
snail mail stamp.  The kicker: Microsoft is considering an add-in
that will put a USPS 'Mail' button in Office 2000 for directly
linking to the service."

it's pure evil.


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