Futures Doomed

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sun Apr 26 08:54:32 PDT 1998

More on the future of money in the NYT today, "Crime's 
New Cash of Choice," the Euro, which plans larger 
denominations than the mobs' favorite $100 US. If the 
Euro catches on, it says, the USG could lose billions in 
interest-free loans on stashed C-notes, unused except 
in the underground -- which the US turns a blind tax eye 
to because more revenue comes from the seignoriage.




On competing millenarist doomsaying, the NYT has on 
page one a report on an exercise last month which 
revealed how ill-prepared the US is to handle a germ 
attack, with PDDs coming shortly to address anti-terrorism 
(with a Czar), and the squabbles among competing 
agencies for intel fed shock scenarios leading to terrific 
stockpiles of money antidotes, preferrably all non-fictional, 
but not likely since the report says that the PDD the 
President gets aroused at is Richard Preston's "The 
Cobra Event" -- sold out for miles around the bunkers'
intake vents of the germs' most wanted.


Bear in mind that Kennedy's hard-on for James Bond
shaped a generation of whiz kids looking for gory galore,
the fathers of natsec implanted kids now in late boomer 
breakdown seeing the future all too clear, inclined to
predict their end The End.

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