What's up in SASEBO, or Don't Tug The Beard

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sun Apr 5 15:37:03 PDT 1998

David Honig wrote:

>From: "George Martin" <gmartin at usonet.ne.jp>
>>Maybe you should've checked out the url to see if it was
>>valid before you shot your mouth off in public... The file
>>was removed quite a few months ago and was never download
>>by anyone outside of the .mil domain.  Take your
>>troublemaking somewhere else.
>I of course informed him that he was mininformed or uninformed.

Correct, David. Following your notice, we saved Ft. Bragg's
utility listing on April 2 and downloaded its military-grade pgp262 
for patriotic display in the public interest at:


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