More proof that Charles Platt is a pathological liar and a crook

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at
Mon Mar 10 16:42:54 PST 1997

ichudov at (Igor Chudov @ home) writes:

> lucifer Anonymous Remailer wrote:
> > > distributing it via this list, I still consider it copyrighted material,
> > > for what that's worth. It will eventually be published, in some form, in 
> > > magazine, as part of a much longer article.
> > 
> > Right - Chris Platt wants everybody to believe that he's a journalist.
> > Just ask all the people on sci.cryo who think he's just a lying crook.
> > If the drunkard publishes this crap, it'll be at his own expense.
> Hey, there is no such newsgroup -- sci.cryo.
> I suggest that interested readers check out DejaNews and make sure.
> ... rest deleted ...
> 	- Igor.

I believe the anonymous poster meant "sci.cryology".  Charles Platt has
earned himself quite a reputaion there - a liar, a spammmer, and a crackpot.

P.S.  Is Charles Platt gay and/or Armenian?


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