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Product Link bulkemail at espmail.net
Sat Mar 1 22:58:26 PST 1997

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We will send out your bulk E Mail.  Period.  No qualifiers, no conditions,
no nonsense...and we'll do it at the best prices.

Call us as (805) 654-4042.

We are Product Link.  We are a business partner with a marketing 
company which develops buyers for its clients' products through electronic 
marketing; primarily broadcast fax.  Together, we have over a hundred clients, 
almost 10% of which are Fortune 500 companies.   We have numerous staff, 
and have just begun, at client request, to send high volumes of E Mail.

If you're new to bulk E Mail marketing, as we were a short time ago, I can
confirm that all the E Mails you've been getting from E Mail software
companies about how great E Mail marketing is; well, they're true.  However,
as those of you who have already purchased software and have tried bulk
E mail know, nothing good ever comes easy.

Our staff has spent millions of advertising dollars on our clients' behalf;
everything from commercials on the Superbowl to ads in the New York Times,
to full page spreads in Scientific American.; not to mention the sending
of over 1,000,000 marketing faxes a year for major corporations.

Bulk E mail has been quite an eye opener.

The Internet, the on line services and ISP providers are full of shrill,
self appointed "net cops," whose mission in life seems to be dumping on those
who have the audacity to sell product via E Mail.   I don't wish nor intend
to debate the issue here, except to say that if you've purchased bulk E Mail
software (or intend to), you've already found out that when you attempt to
use it, your ISP provider will shut you down, your E Mail account will be
bombed, and electronic flames will become a way of life.

Since we have a low tolerance for allowing small groups of vocal fanatics
to dictate our business life, we set up our own system to send out Bulk
E Mail.  This system will be greatly expanded in 30 days or so (we're
installing more T lines), but we currently have room on our system to send
out Bulk E Mail for a limited number of companies or individuals other
than ourselves.

We'll send out your order, large or small.  We'll do it quickly, and
we'll do it at a really great price.  You can supply the list, or we'll
supply the list.  Place an order with us, and we'll give you advice on
how to set up your E Mail so your on line service won't shut you down, how
to write your material, and much more.  We will also write your marketing
material, if you so desire. If you supply a list, we can run it through
our computer program to sort out all duplicates and bad AOL or CompuServe
addresses.  If you buy a list from us, we will guarantee that the exact
number of names you order will go out; if we send a list for you and a
number of addresses are not delivered, we will send out more E Mails until
you get delivered exactly what you ordered. We can even tell you how to
confirm that your list was sent.

We also have programs that can filter out E Mail "bombs" and other
irritating toys played with at your expense by people who don't
have a life.

When we first began exploring bulk E mail, we contacted numerous firms
advertising that they would send out bulk E mail.  What we got was
answering machines, disconnected numbers, and no call backs.  The one firm
that did contract us would only send limited numbers of E mails for
us, and then only if we had already sent the list out once and taken off all
the removes (go figure...if we could send out the list once, what did we
need them for?).  We finally got so exasperated, we set up our own system.
And are we glad we did.  Speaking as a marketing man with over 30 years
experience in major advertising, E Mail marketing will change the face of
advertising and cost of sale forever.  I do not believe that has ever been
a vehicle like it in history to allow anyone of any size and any budget to
advertise and sell their products literally overnight.  We employ 18 people,
and I guarantee you that when you contact us as (805) 654-4042, you'll get a call back.
Right away.  And the office phone number we give you, will have a live
person at the other end.

Following is a price list to give you an idea of the 
quality of our company.  Please bear in mind that Bulk E Mail is 
effective in large numbers; i.e., 25,000 and above.

Price List To Send Bulk E Mail:

Amount			Cost		Set Up (One Time Fee)

25,000			$150.00		$50.00		

50,000			$275.00		$50.00

75,000			$400.00		$50.00

100,000			$550.00		$50.00		

Bulk E Mail amounts above 100,000 per sending will be bid on a 
case by case basis.  If  you wish to modem us a list, there may be a 
small charge for down load depending on list size.  We can provide a
list for you at a nominal charge.  If you wish us to  "clean" your list 
(remove all duplicates and bad addresses), we will  supply a 
bid on a case by case basis as with writing your marketing materials and 
other services.

If we may be of service to you, please call us directly at 
(805) 654-4042.  Thank you.

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