EAR cookbook anyone?

Rich Graves llurch at networking.stanford.edu
Thu Jun 26 20:55:06 PDT 1997

We would like to distribute strong encryption (PGP, Netscape, MSIE,
Kerberos, SSH, lynx-ssl, etc.) to people affiliated with our institution
without prejudice to their current location, as the Fortune 100 can do with
PGP. Today I got management to agree that it would be worth my time to
ensure that we do so legally and publicly (though we had already decided to
distribute said software to new and continuing affiliates worldwide

There's a lot of examples of ITAR CJR's online, but I don't see any examples
of EAR whatchamacallits. Are we really going to need some lawyer for this,
or can't I just send Commerce a form letter, say, tomorrow afternoon? Form
letters my department can fill in and sign, but paying a lawyer would
require a level of bureaucracy that I'd rather not deal with.

The deadline in any case would be August 25th. 

 i'm back... if i haven't responded to your mail sent the last week and a
 half, it's probably because it just wasn't interesting. nothing personal.

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