Mykotronx builds Fortezza/DES card

John Gilmore gnu at
Fri Jun 20 15:23:10 PDT 1997

This is great -- they've put TWO insecure crypto algorithms on one
PCMCIA card!  Mykotronx leads the industry, as usual!

	John   :-)

     Rainbow subsidiary Mykotronx and Western Datacom announce joint
     development of industry's first dual-mode cryptographic modem -- FORDESZA
     Business Wire - June 17, 1997 09:03
     TORRANCE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 17, 1997--Mykotronx Inc., a
     subsidiary of Rainbow Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:RNBO), and Western
     Datacom have announced joint development of FORDESZA, a Type II PCMCIA PC
     modem card that provides both DES and FORTEZZA-based encryption and
     decryption in a single unit.
     FORDESZA, the first dual-mode cryptographic device designed for the
     commercial marketplace, integrates a FORTEZZA cryptographic chip
     manufactured by Mykotronx with 56-bit DES encryption.
     ``Mykotronx' collaboration with Western Datacom further demonstrates the
     company's commitment to providing the highest-quality cryptographic
     solutions for secure data communications,'' said John Droge, vice
     president of product development for Mykotronx. ``The first of its kind,
     FORDESZA is a state-of-the-art modem design that delivers both high
     connection speed and quality cryptographic protection.''
     ``Western Datacom is pleased to be working with Mykotronx on the
     development of FORDESZA,'' said Phil Ardire, president of Western
     Datacom. ``Western Datacom and Mykotronx have combined their respective
     expertise to create a breakthrough cryptographic security product to
     support users' need for secure communication.''
     Functioning as a V.34 bis 33,600 bps modem, FORDESZA operates as a
     FORTEZZA Crypto Card, a FORTEZZA encryptor/decryptor with a V.34 bis
     modem and as a DES encryptor/decryptor with a V.34 bis modem.
     FORDESZA will incorporate all security features previously developed for
     FORTEZZA, including personal identification numbers (PINs) for user
     authentication; the digital signature standard (DSS) for originator
     authentication; the key exchange algorithm (KEA) for Diffie-Hellman
     variant public key exchange; FORTEZZA and DES encryption; and the secure
     hash algorithm (SHA) for data integrity.
     FORDESZA accomplishes key management via both a certification authority
     workstation (CAW) and a FIPS 171-compliant software system. The CAW
     operates FORTEZZA card initialization software to program the modem with
     the user's distinguished name (DN) and public key information stored in
     X.509 certificates.
     A distributed database, called the directory system agent (DSA), handles
     the storage and distribution of these keys. For DES key management, the
     FIPS 171 software, which is compatible with existing Western Datacom
     DES-based products, accommodates private key changes and management of
     DES encryptors.
     FORTEZZA encryption has been accepted by the Department of Commerce's key
     recovery program. Encryption keys can now be kept by an approved third
     party, with copies available to law-enforcement agencies only under a
     court order.
     For more information about FORDESZA, contact Mykotronx at 310/533-8100
     (fax 310/533-0527) or Western Datacom at 216/835-1510 (e-mail:
     wdc at
     With headquarters in Torrance, Mykotronx is a world leader in providing
     high-grade encryption and decryption equipment essential for use in space
     and other sensitive digital communication environments.
     Founded in 1979, and acquired by Rainbow Technologies in 1995, Mykotronx
     has more National Security Agency approved products than any other
     corporation. Demonstrating the company's commitment to quality, Mykotronx
     designs and manufactures products that meet the requirements of
     MIL-Q-9858 A (``Quality Program Requirements'') and MIL-I-45208
     (``Inspection System Requirements'').
     Rainbow Technologies, with 1996 revenues in excess of $81 million, is a
     leading supplier of software-protection, license-management and
     Internet-security products worldwide. Rainbow has offices in the United
     States, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom, and is ISO-9002
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