Fighting the cybercensor

Nurdane Oksas oksas at
Sun Jan 26 18:31:41 PST 1997

On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
> Examples of use: Suppose I do not like The Right Reverend Colin James III,
> cjames at I have a lot of money, but do not know how to 
> mailbomb. I set some nym address as my return address (for refunds if
> CJ3 is not mailbombed within half a year).
> I place a bet with $1000 worth of money and phrase "domain
> disabled". The date would be open which means that I will always be the
> loser. I also post a message (anonymously) saying that anyone who wants
> to mailbomb TRRCJ3 can be rewarded through your assassination bot.
> Someone with more knowledge of computers, a T1 link and no money will
> be lured, submit a bet for, say, Feb 1, and on the 1st will start fierce 
> mailbombing of The return address will, of course, be
> a nym.

	That's my birthday...

	have a great week ahead everyone!

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