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Wed Jan 22 21:32:46 PST 1997

Toto wrote:
> jbugden at wrote:
> > A previous poster mentioned that because of the copper wire restriction, that
> > they may deploy first in older centers. This would appear to be the case, since
> > a Canadian telco (Sasktel) is offering ADSL in Saskatoon for 60$/month with
> > unlimited internet access. Saskatoon falls into this category - in my opinion.
> >
> > I was only is SK briefly over New Years, but perhaps Toto can fill in details.
> James,
>   SaskTel has, for the most part, always had a monopoly on the telephone
> business in Saskatchewan, and used this to keep the phone rates fairly
> high. On the other hand, they also used much of the money to position
> themselves to keep their monopoly by investing heavily in the newest
> technologies.
>   As a result, they have a lot of fiber-optic, etc., even in the
> boondocks, but they also soaked those people $ 6.00 hour for
> InterNet access, until Sympatico came in with a competitive rate
> of less than $ 1.00/hour, and then they stopped clipping the
> sucker/citizens.
>   SaskTel left the 'upgrading' of the larger centers to last, and
> as a result, their 'old' technology seems to be ironically beneficial
> to them in being able to offer ADSL in Saskatoon, Regina, and a couple
> of other centers.
> Toto

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