List of reliable remailers

Raph Levien raph at CS.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Jan 13 06:53:14 PST 1997

   I operate a remailer pinging service which collects detailed
information about remailer features and reliability.

   To use it, just finger remailer-list at

   There is also a Web version of the same information, plus lots of
interesting links to remailer-related resources, at:

   This information is used by premail, a remailer chaining and PGP
encrypting client for outgoing mail. For more information, see:

   For the PGP public keys of the remailers, finger
pgpkeys at

This is the current info:

                                 REMAILER LIST

   This is an automatically generated listing of remailers. The first
   part of the listing shows the remailers along with configuration
   options and special features for each of the remailers. The second
   part shows the 12-day history, and average latency and uptime for each
   remailer. You can also get this list by fingering
   remailer-list at

$remailer{"extropia"} = "<remail at> cpunk pgp special";
$remailer{"mix"} = "<mixmaster at> cpunk mix pgp hash latent cut ek ksub reord ?";
$remailer{"replay"} = "<remailer at> cpunk mix pgp hash latent cut post ek";
$remailer{'alpha'} = '<alias at> alpha pgp';
$remailer{'nymrod'} = '<nymrod at> alpha pgp';
$remailer{"lead"} = "<mix at> cpunk mix pgp hash latent cut ek";
$remailer{"exon"} = "<remailer at> cpunk pgp hash latent cut ek";
$remailer{"haystack"} = "<haystack at> cpunk mix pgp hash latent cut ek";
$remailer{"lucifer"} = "<lucifer at> cpunk mix pgp hash latent cut ek";
$remailer{"jam"} = "<remailer at> cpunk mix pgp hash latent cut ek";
$remailer{"winsock"} = "<winsock at> cpunk pgp pgponly hash cut ksub reord";
$remailer{'nym'} = '<config at> newnym pgp';
$remailer{"balls"} = "<remailer at> cpunk pgp hash latent cut ek";
$remailer{"squirrel"} = "<mix at> cpunk mix pgp pgponly hash latent cut ek";
$remailer{"middle"} = "<middleman at> cpunk mix pgp hash middle latent cut ek reord ?";
$remailer{'cyber'} = '<alias at> alpha pgp';
$remailer{"dustbin"} = "<dustman at> cpunk pgp hash latent cut ek mix reord middle ?";
$remailer{'weasel'} = '<config at> newnym pgp';
$remailer{"death"} = "<x at> cpunk pgp hash latent post";
$remailer{"reno"} = "<middleman at> cpunk mix pgp hash middle latent cut ek reord ?";
catalyst at is _not_ a remailer.
lmccarth at is _not_ a remailer.
usura at is _not_ a remailer.
remailer at is _not_ a remailer.

There is no remailer at

Groups of remailers sharing a machine or operator:
(cyber mix)
(weasel squirrel)

The alpha and nymrod nymservers are down due to abuse. However, you
can use the nym or weasel (newnym style) nymservers.

The cyber nymserver is quite reliable for outgoing mail (which is
what's measured here), but is exhibiting serious reliability problems
for incoming mail.

The squirrel and winsock remailers accept PGP encrypted mail only.

403 Permission denied errors have been caused by a flaky disk on the
Berkeley WWW server. This seems to be fixed now.

The penet remailer is closed.

Last update: Mon 13 Jan 97 6:48:59 PST
remailer  email address                        history  latency  uptime
lucifer  lucifer at                  ++++++++++++    37:22  99.99%
nym      config at             **#*#*++#+-#    20:08  99.99%
weasel   config at             ++++++-++++   1:15:41  99.96%
mix      mixmaster at     +++++++.-++*  2:25:45  99.91%
replay   remailer at              *+* +--+*+**    35:43  99.87%
winsock  winsock at      ------+----   2:54:30  99.81%
balls    remailer at        *+******+ **     4:00  99.67%
cyber    alias at        +++*+ +* +*+    35:01  99.61%
middle   middleman at             ----+++++ -+    53:56  99.60%
exon     remailer at         #**#**** ++#     2:26  99.24%
squirrel mix at              ++++ +-++ +   1:18:06  99.21%
dustbin  dustman at            +_.--++-++-   4:39:11  99.18%
extropia remail at        --- -------   4:46:40  98.01%
reno     middleman at          - --++++   +  1:05:02  97.84%
lead     mix at             ++++++    35:13  95.73%
haystack haystack at            + ####++*       39:45  74.33%

   History key
     * # response in less than 5 minutes.
     * * response in less than 1 hour.
     * + response in less than 4 hours.
     * - response in less than 24 hours.
     * . response in more than 1 day.
     * _ response came back too late (more than 2 days).

          A major class of remailers. Supports Request-Remailing-To:
          A variant of the cpunk style. Uses Anon-Send-To: instead.
          The third class of remailers (at least for right now). Uses
          X-Anon-To: in the header.
          Remailer supports encryption with PGP. A period after the
          keyword means that the short name, rather than the full email
          address, should be used as the encryption key ID.
          Supports ## pasting, so anything can be put into the headers of
          outgoing messages.
          Remailer always kills subject header, even in non-pgp mode.
          Remailer always preserves subject header, even in pgp mode.
          Supports Matt Ghio's Latent-Time: option.
          Supports Matt Ghio's Cutmarks: option.
          Post to Usenet using Post-To: or Anon-Post-To: header.
          Encrypt responses in reply blocks using Encrypt-Key: header.
          Accepts only pgp encrypted messages.
          Can accept messages in Mixmaster format.
          Attempts to foil traffic analysis by reordering messages. Note:
          I'm relying on the word of the remailer operator here, and
          haven't verified the reord info myself.

          Remailer has been known to monitor contents of private email.
          Remailer has been known to filter messages based on content. If
          not listed in conjunction with mon, then only messages destined
          for public forums are subject to filtering.

Raph Levien

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