Inflation-index bonds and private e-currency

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at
Wed Jan 8 05:40:54 PST 1997

Dale Thorn <dthorn at> writes:
> The Wall Street Cabal (as they say) was genuinely frightened that since
> Milken was so successful with high-yield bonds, they deliberately created
> the term Junk Bonds and flooded the markets with appropriate propaganda,
> and thereby killed off their competition.  How they turned it into a
> criminal offense is truly an art.

Before Milken, it was impossible for a small company or municipality without
a stellar credit history to sell bonds to the public. They had to borrow
from the Wall St Cabal at usurious rates. Milken made it possible for them
to bypass the Cabal. He was convicted of some truly bizarre charges (let
Uni explain what exactly he was guilty of) and given a truly bizarre
sentense by judge Kimba Wood (who, by the way, was Clinton's first choice
for AG before Rhyno). Still, his brainchild, junk bonds, are alive and well.


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