Dale Thorn dthorn at
Mon Jan 6 23:31:05 PST 1997

Thaddeus J. Beier wrote:
> I think that this is a completely fabulous idea, an commend John and
> Sandy for doing this.  Let me add my own suggestion.
> This will fail if flames migrate from cypherpunks-flames to cypherpunks,
> I would attempt to prohibit threads that only exist in cypherpunks-flames
> being continued into the moderated list.  This'll be hard to do, Sandy,
> I know, but if you could think of a way to do this, I think that your
> experiment is more likely to succeed.
> Phrases like "As I said in the letter that only got sent to
> cypherpunks-flames" should cause the whole article to be yanked, IMHO.

Ooh, the iron boot is descending fast. (Better just yank 'em all, huh?)

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