THANKS!!!!! A BUNCH!!!!!

Tim May tcmay at
Sun Aug 31 18:11:48 PDT 1997

At 3:00 PM -0700 8/31/97, A Hoser wrote:
>I think somebody on this list (I think on this list) gave me a PGP
>Signature and I just wanna say thank you so much!!!!
>But what i'd like to know is what does the PGP Signature really mean?????
> Like for example what does my PGP Signature mean Alls it is is a bunch
>of letters.  Could someone privately e-mail me some info on cryptography
>web sites??????

A Hoser,

Be sure to encrypt all of your posts with the Virtual One Time Pad
algorithm, also known as Rot13, so that only the suitably clued may read
your words.


Voluntary Mandatory Self-Rating of this Article
(U.S. Statute 43-666-970719).
Warning: Failure to Correctly and Completely Label any Article or Utterance
is a Felony under the "Children's Internet Safety Act of 1997," punishable
by 6 months for the first offense, two years for each additional offense,
and a $100,000 fine per offense. Reminder: The PICS/RSACi label must itself
not contain material in violation of the Act.

** PICS/RSACi Voluntary Self-Rating (Text Form) ** :

Suitable for Children: yes  Age Rating: 5 years and up.
Suitable for Christians: No Suitable for Moslems: No  Hindus: Yes
Pacifists: No  Government Officials: No  Nihilists: Yes  Anarchists: Yes
Vegetarians: Yes  Vegans: No  Homosexuals: No  Atheists: Yes
Caucasoids: Yes  Negroids: No  Mongoloids: Yes
Bipolar Disorder: No  MPD: Yes and No  Attention Deficit Disorder:Huh?

--Contains discussions of sexuality, rebellion, anarchy, chaos,torture,
regicide, presicide, suicide, aptical foddering.
--Contains references hurtful to persons of poundage and people of
color.Sensitive persons are advised to skip this article.

Estimated number of readers qualified to read this: 1
Composite Age Rating: 45 years

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