No Subject

bureau42 Anonymous Remailer remailer at
Sun Aug 31 13:12:06 PDT 1997

Tim's right.  I was curious about the spam and spent
a lot of time trying to look up the company.  It was
late, got lazy, and so emailed asking about the area
code.  Also thought others may have received it.

Tim's point, though, is well taken.  It didn't belong
on this list - so Tim, you got this one....

Tim May wrote:

>Typical of how "anonymous" messages are flooding
>the list.
>The author sends us useless spam, and doesn't even
>know how to use Area Code lookup service.
>BTW. "he geographical location for area code 810 is
>Michigan (major cities: >Flint, Detroit). "
>I may soon have to put all of the remailers in
>my killfile.


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