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bureau42 Anonymous Remailer wrote:
> Are there any Cypherpunks mailing list members who can confirm that
> there was a series of posts related to Princess Diana's death in the
> days before the event? I am particularly interested in information as
> to whether Cypherpunks were in any way responsible for a slight delay
> in the timing of her death.
> I am particularly interested in communicating with the person who sent
> me the anonymous messages between 8/24/97 and 8/30/97 using the nym
> "A'Tak A'Tdorn'.
> If you have information and an interest in sharing it, please send a
> post to the Cypherpunks list or the fight-censorship list, indicating
> such. If you wish for me to contact you through a neutral, third party,
> indicate that as well.
> Thank You

 If you have a death-wish, then send this message again through the
Canadian Mountie remailer.  {:>)-----<
{HELP! They knocked me down and cut off my arms!}

 I presume the message you are referring to on 24/8/97 is the one
which answers your previous anonymous inquiry by saying,
 "Only for the moment we are saying nothing."
 It meant what it said. However, since the moment is over I suppose
there is no harm in saying "something."  I will therefore give you
a modicum of information on the messages which have passed through
the cypherpunks list since your original notification that something
was in the wind.
  For starters, although I have not seen the original email which you
received but I believe that if you read it closely you will see that
it implied that the coming messages to the list would be in a form
which was _analogous_ to the event, whereas you seemed to take it
literally as a plan to "Nuke D.C." 
[How you managed to come to the conclusion that spooks and shadows
would refer to a coming event directly totally escapes me!?!]
 If you will reinterpret the posts in question in light of the event,
I believe you will see the thread that winds through them.

 As you were told, the AOL'er messages were used as markers to divine
which of the coming messages contained stegonographic messages of one
sort or another, or pointers to graphics containing the stegonography.
I am assuming you understood this and sent the AOL'er message saying,
"Please send more details...thanks"

 If you had not taken the phrase "Nuke D.C." so literally you would
have noticed that the "Fade to Gray" post linked the coming major
event (Nuke D.C.) to foreigners, automobiles and death.
 You were not alone in your request for details regarding the message
in the Quote of the day:
	"I know the day it happens. On August 29, 1997 it's going 
	 to feel pretty fucking real to you too." 
which had been sent by one of the Canadians involved in ferreting out 
the details of the coming event.
 One of the cypherpunk list members posted the question, "When is X-Day
supposed to be?" when there was no mention of 'X-Day' in the quote. This
understandably led to postponement of the event while those involved
checked to see if there had been a breach in their security.
  The subsequent message which stated, "I don't know what you mean by
'When is X-Day supposed to be?'" was interpreted by those involved to
indicate that full details of their plans remained a mystery to those
who were trying to expose and stop it.
  After they had put things in motion to proceed with their backup plan,
however, two more messages came to the list which indicated that there
was more known about their plan than they had suspected.

 In reply to the post expressing lack of knowledge about the timing of
X-Day, a post from _lne.com_ (surprise, surprise) suggested that X-Day
referred to people who are going to be "taken from the earth" (death)
by "pleasure saucers" (limosene) and noting that the limosene would
be operated by "Greys" (a reference to the <fade to grey> ending of
the "Fade To Gray" post--indicating a spook/LEA connection). The post
ended by suggesting the time of the event might be "April" (4 o'clock)
and gave a pointer to a sight with a graphic stego which would provide
a visual message.

 The second post that came well after it had been decided to proceed
with the backup plan said,
	"The metallic custard scent ripped through the
	 stegosaurus' nostrils."
	(metallic custard being a car bomb--note eye witness
	 accounts by Michael Solomon {who just happened to be
	 on the scene, naturally} speaking of a "loud explosion"
	 that brought to mind "terrorists."}

	"Clearly the meonotreme (Monarchist/Anarchist/Extremist)
	 journey it would begin as it had ended."
	(The Fairy Tale Princess who had embarked on an extremist
	 political journey was about to return to becoming the
	 {dead} Fairy Tale Princess, once again.)

	"The ponder-tree hung itself in the heavy air,
	 it's sap becomming purple."
	(Diana had sealed her death {"hung itself"} when she
	 opted to bond herself to Royal blood.)

	"And flowed enigmatically
	 like a river of broken curves and powdered eggshells."
	(A reference to the immediate area of the planned event,
	 which would be at the split {"broken"} of a tunnel road
	 {"river"} and the airbags being sabotaged.)

 After this post appeared on the cypherpunks list, a Timmy C. Mayflower
ASCII art spam showed up on the list from a juno remailer, but it had
a Timothy C. May .sig following the artwork. (Followed by the proverbial
GJBuller response.)
 Then both the juno remailer and the toad list experienced problems with
multiple messages being sent to _some_ people and _not_ others, as well
as _some_ people not getting certain messages at all.
  You will also note that, as the "Fade To Gray" post indicated (re: all
the cypherpunks being "out of town" at the time of the event), there was
no activity on the list in the time surrounding the event.
  As for the information in the graphic pointed to by the post,
it was never considered to be anything but an attempt at intentional

 You were told months ago that Diana's current power came from the 
failure of the so-called suicide attempt and that the agreement to
leave her free to continue her public activities was contingent upon
her remaing free from political matters. You were also informed that
her involvement with the Labor Party land-mine issue was a breach of
that agreement, as was her June 13th reference to the resistance of
the Conservative party in this regard.
 When you were contacted last week, you should have been able to figure
out for yourself what her link to the Harrods clan indicated. You were
made aware of everything you needed to be sitting on top of the story.
 Given the fact that you have shown so little ability to act on the
information you have already been given, we are probably wasting our 
time by giving you any further information. Regardless, if you wish to
pursue the matter then I suggest that you research:
	a) the explosion
	b) the driver's airbag
	c) the liquid on the ground at the scene
	d) the source of changes in the day's schedule
	 and/or the previous day's schedule
	e) the details of who was involved in the arrest
	 {debriefing} of the photographers present

 If you _do_ manage to follow up on the information then we _might_ be
inclined to give you the details of Prince Charle's upcoming wedding
and coronation.

: : B o o t s

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