Confirmation on Diana, please?

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Sun Aug 31 05:56:52 PDT 1997

	Personally, I have to say that if *I* got a reply to an
	anonymous post before it had even reached its destination,
	I would start to worry...

> bureau42 Anonymous Remailer wrote:
> >
> > Are there any Cypherpunks mailing list members who can confirm that
> > there was a series of posts related to Princess Diana's death in the
> > days before the event? I am particularly interested in information as
> > to whether Cypherpunks were in any way responsible for a slight delay
> > in the timing of her death.
> > I am particularly interested in communicating with the person who sent
> > me the anonymous messages between 8/24/97 and 8/30/97 using the nym
> > "A'Tak A'Tdorn'.
> >
> > If you have information and an interest in sharing it, please send a
> > post to the Cypherpunks list or the fight-censorship list, indicating
> > such. If you wish for me to contact you through a neutral, third party,
> > indicate that as well.
> >
> > Thank You
>  If you have a death-wish, then send this message again through the
> Canadian Mountie remailer.  {:>)-----<
> {HELP! They knocked me down and cut off my arms!}
>  I presume the message you are referring to on 24/8/97 is the one
> which answers your previous anonymous inquiry by saying,
>  "Only for the moment we are saying nothing."
>  It meant what it said. However, since the moment is over I suppose
> there is no harm in saying "something."  I will therefore give you
> a modicum of information on the messages which have passed through
> the cypherpunks list since your original notification that something
> was in the wind.
>   For starters, although I have not seen the original email which you
> received but I believe that if you read it closely you will see that
> it implied that the coming messages to the list would be in a form
> which was _analogous_ to the event, whereas you seemed to take it
> literally as a plan to "Nuke D.C."
> [How you managed to come to the conclusion that spooks and shadows
> would refer to a coming event directly totally escapes me!?!]
>  If you will reinterpret the posts in question in light of the event,
> I believe you will see the thread that winds through them.
>  As you were told, the AOL'er messages were used as markers to divine
> which of the coming messages contained stegonographic messages of one
> sort or another, or pointers to graphics containing the stegonography.
> I am assuming you understood this and sent the AOL'er message saying,
> "Please send more details...thanks"
>  If you had not taken the phrase "Nuke D.C." so literally you would
> have noticed that the "Fade to Gray" post linked the coming major
> event (Nuke D.C.) to foreigners, automobiles and death.
>  You were not alone in your request for details regarding the message
> in the Quote of the day:
>         "I know the day it happens. On August 29, 1997 it's going
>          to feel pretty fucking real to you too."
> which had been sent by one of the Canadians involved in ferreting out
> the details of the coming event.
>  One of the cypherpunk list members posted the question, "When is X-Day
> supposed to be?" when there was no mention of 'X-Day' in the quote. This
> understandably led to postponement of the event while those involved
> checked to see if there had been a breach in their security.
>   The subsequent message which stated, "I don't know what you mean by
> 'When is X-Day supposed to be?'" was interpreted by those involved to
> indicate that full details of their plans remained a mystery to those
> who were trying to expose and stop it.
>   After they had put things in motion to proceed with their backup plan,
> however, two more messages came to the list which indicated that there
> was more known about their plan than they had suspected.
>  In reply to the post expressing lack of knowledge about the timing of
> X-Day, a post from _lne.com_ (surprise, surprise) suggested that X-Day
> referred to people who are going to be "taken from the earth" (death)
> by "pleasure saucers" (limosene) and noting that the limosene would
> be operated by "Greys" (a reference to the <fade to grey> ending of
> the "Fade To Gray" post--indicating a spook/LEA connection). The post
> ended by suggesting the time of the event might be "April" (4 o'clock)
> and gave a pointer to a sight with a graphic stego which would provide
> a visual message.
>  The second post that came well after it had been decided to proceed
> with the backup plan said,
>         "The metallic custard scent ripped through the
>          stegosaurus' nostrils."
>         (metallic custard being a car bomb--note eye witness
>          accounts by Michael Solomon {who just happened to be
>          on the scene, naturally} speaking of a "loud explosion"
>          that brought to mind "terrorists."}
>         "Clearly the meonotreme (Monarchist/Anarchist/Extremist)
>          journey it would begin as it had ended."
>         (The Fairy Tale Princess who had embarked on an extremist
>          political journey was about to return to becoming the
>          {dead} Fairy Tale Princess, once again.)
>         "The ponder-tree hung itself in the heavy air,
>          it's sap becomming purple."
>         (Diana had sealed her death {"hung itself"} when she
>          opted to bond herself to Royal blood.)
>         "And flowed enigmatically
>          like a river of broken curves and powdered eggshells."
>         (A reference to the immediate area of the planned event,
>          which would be at the split {"broken"} of a tunnel road
>          {"river"} and the airbags being sabotaged.)
>  After this post appeared on the cypherpunks list, a Timmy C. Mayflower
> ASCII art spam showed up on the list from a juno remailer, but it had
> a Timothy C. May .sig following the artwork. (Followed by the proverbial
> GJBuller response.)
>  Then both the juno remailer and the toad list experienced problems with
> multiple messages being sent to _some_ people and _not_ others, as well
> as _some_ people not getting certain messages at all.
>   You will also note that, as the "Fade To Gray" post indicated (re: all
> the cypherpunks being "out of town" at the time of the event), there was
> no activity on the list in the time surrounding the event.
>   As for the information in the graphic pointed to by the post,
> it was never considered to be anything but an attempt at intentional
> misdirection.
>  You were told months ago that Diana's current power came from the
> failure of the so-called suicide attempt and that the agreement to
> leave her free to continue her public activities was contingent upon
> her remaing free from political matters. You were also informed that
> her involvement with the Labor Party land-mine issue was a breach of
> that agreement, as was her June 13th reference to the resistance of
> the Conservative party in this regard.
>  When you were contacted last week, you should have been able to figure
> out for yourself what her link to the Harrods clan indicated. You were
> made aware of everything you needed to be sitting on top of the story.
>  Given the fact that you have shown so little ability to act on the
> information you have already been given, we are probably wasting our
> time by giving you any further information. Regardless, if you wish to
> pursue the matter then I suggest that you research:
>         a) the explosion
>         b) the driver's airbag
>         c) the liquid on the ground at the scene
>         d) the source of changes in the day's schedule
>          and/or the previous day's schedule
>         e) the details of who was involved in the arrest
>          {debriefing} of the photographers present
>  If you _do_ manage to follow up on the information then we _might_ be
> inclined to give you the details of Prince Charle's upcoming wedding
> and coronation.
> : : B o o t s
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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