Confirmation on Diana, please?

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Sun Aug 31 05:47:03 PDT 1997

Bubba Rom Dos wrote:
>   Count the number of times you hear the press unwittingly mention that
> she died just when her life was coming together and her star was rising.
>   When you are done counting, that is the number of reasons for why she
> had to die. Think about it.
> ~~
> Bubba
>    ~~

 Loose-cannon Diana became dead Saint Diana ala J.F.K.
 "What a wonderful person she is, now that she's gone."

 Why do the nefarious, omniprescent 'they' (TM) always announce the
death by heart attack so many hours after rushing the target to the
hospital? Does it have to do with airline schedules?

 Any reports of a second driver on the grassy knoll?
 Any guesses as to when the crash surviver bites it?


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